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Koka + Docu Shorts 4 
Sunday, July 21, 2024
8 pm

​This screening session features 5 short documentary films. All films are in English and/or have English subtitles.​

@ Capitol Theatre, 204 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington.

Reserve your FREE tickets here. Please only book seats when you are sure you'll be there, thank you!

Hey Little One .jpeg

Hey Little One (Canada) by Sarah L'Hérault

Hey Little One explores the intensity of the bond of attachment between a hospitalized baby and a pair of friends of her parents who regularly go rock her in the hospital.

Running time: 00:06:22

Guiding Light .jpeg

Guiding Light (United States) by India Anne Mitchell

Through the compelling interviews of the lead prosecutor, the defense attorney and the police chief, “Guiding Light” tells the story of a young teen (Polly Hannah Klaas) in a small town in America who was kidnapped from her bedroom during a slumber party while her family was in the house.  In "Guiding Light", India Mitchell, a teen growing up in the same town thirty years later brings a fresh perspective and highlights the importance of the legacy of this case to the continuing endeavor to keep children safe.

Running time: 00:05:00

Flint. For Those Who Dare... .jpeg

Flint. For Those Who Dare... (United States) by Raul Barquet

Early New York City graffiti writer and documentarian Roberto "Flint..." Gennari, has the opportunity to cement his legacy in the art world half a century later.

Running time: 00:17:33


Roommates (United States) by J. Brooke, Beatrice Alda

After completing lengthy prison terms (for murder and arson, respectively), two women forge a strong bond within a nursing home catering to the formerly incarcerated. Creating a positive present tense in the wake of complicated pasts, these survivors cling to simplicity, routine, and each other.

Running time: 00:09:29


Koka (Poland) by Aliaksandr Tsymbaliuk

An intimate story of the relationship between father and son, living on the edge of the earth near the Bering Sea, imbued with the harshness of local reality and unpretentiousness of childhood years, the strictness of paternal education and love, which always finds its place in any part of this planet and in any of the hearts, even in the one that at first glance is harder than stone.

Running time: 00:47:00

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